There are 2 Steps to having a short film written for you and shooting the film if you are not a member follow the steps below.  If you are a member follow the steps listed for members only below:


Select “Get Shot” from our main menu and complete the form if you have not already done so.

  1. Non-members send in a 2-3 minute video of yourself performing a monologue of your choice (you can record it with a web cam or cell phone or send a link to the footage or anything else you have performed).  Submit the video or link below.  If you would prefer to audition in person then schedule to perform in the “Performance Lab” which is held the last Tuesday of every month.  We only allow one audition per six months and if you fail to show and do not cancel at least 24 hours before you will not be allowed in the Short Shoots program.
  2. Once you submit your video or attend and perform we will find you 1-3 performance partners to make the film, assign a writer and a director who will then contact you.  It usually takes 48 hours for the director to contact you and arrange a meeting to get you started on your film.


  1. Select “Get Shot” from our main menu and complete the form if you have not already done so.
  2. If you are an  member we already know your skill sets and type so you do not have to submit a video but you may also pick your other cast members (not more than 3 actors per film) from the members if they agree.  Then we will write the script assign a director who will contact you to schedule the shoot.


Complete the form below





We make short films to help you build professional websites, reels, and more.

  • No fee EVER
  • Written for the actors
  • Professionally filmed
  • Professionally scored
  • Professionally titled
  • All films that meet the standard are sent to festival
  • You get DVD of the film
  • Submitted for IMDB credits and listing
  • Shot professionally  in one to two days most of the time